Gulfstream G280 on ramp
The super-midsize G280 delivers the performance customers expect. (Photo: Gulfstream)

Pilot Report: Gulfstream G280

Although the G280 traces its heritage to North American Rockwell, Galaxy Aerospace, and Israel Aerospace Industries (which manufactures the airframe), the super-midsize jet is all Gulfstream, from the design of the wing to the elegantly equipped cabin—and the outstanding performance that pilots have come to expect from the Savannah, Georgia manufacturer.

Ultimately, the G280 doesn’t share much with the G200/Galaxy except the size and shape of the fuselage. The engines, wing, empennage, avionics, and systems are all new and improved, and thus the G280 required its own new type certificate.

Pilot Report: Gulfstream G280

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Pilot Report: Gulfstream G280

The super-midsize jet offers a smooth, quiet ride

It’s not surprising that Gulfstream chose to model aspects of the G280 after its larger airplanes. The company’s wing designs are famously clean, with no leading-edge devices, flow fences, or flap track canoes to add complexity and hamper efficiency. The G280 wing, which is swept more than the G200’s and has newly engineered winglets, was designed nearly in parallel with the G650’s, according to G280 vice president, mid-cabin programs Rick Trusis. It features a high-profile aerodynamic design and efficient airfoil, Trusis added, “with performance born out of the GV/G550.” Another big difference compared with the G200 is the T-tail, which is more efficient than the G200’s crucifix-style empennage and also makes the G280 slightly longer.

This report originally appeared in BJT's sister publication Aviation International News.