Satcom Direct Says Cyber Attack Risk Rising

Cyber attacks on the aviation community, which can damage reputations and finances, “are becoming more frequent,” Chris Moore, chief commercial officer at Satcom Direct, said at the 2017 Dubai Airshow. “We are alarmed at the number of colleagues we speak with who have not addressed the potential threats of a cyber security attack on their business aircraft network.”

The U.S.-based aviation connectivity provider is showcasing its portfolio of cyber security solutions at the show. Though developed for and primarily employed by business aviation users, the security solutions are available to military and even commercial operators, which are also vulnerable to security breaches.

Satcom Direct says its Cyber Smart Kit and suite of cyber security solutions combines the benefits of its hardware routers, software services, ground infrastructure, and technical expertise to protect business and military data transfer through all phases of flight. The free Cyber Smart Kit summarizes issues related to cyber attacks on aircraft, to help flight departments understand common data security threats in aviation.

It includes quick tips, recommended actions, and suggested security protocols. A complimentary network evaluation allows flight departments to review a company’s existing IT system through a self-assessment. This enables the identification of areas for improvement. An on-site risk assessment establishes vulnerabilities and potential threats using National Institute of Standards and Technology principles and ISO 27001 practices.

Satcom Direct's Cyber Security Solutions provide continual threat analysis and active monitoring, which detects and blocks intrusion attempts in real time. Underpinning the scope of services is the Satcom Direct Private Network, which allows satellite and air-to-ground connectivity providers to connect aircraft via the Satcom Direct Data Center and its multiple points of presence worldwide. This enables IT departments to apply current corporate compliance protocols to the aircraft, just as they would with any other company office location.

Satcom Direct backs the integrity of its security solutions with an insurance policy that will cover up to $1 million in monetary damages for a security breach affecting customers that combine the Satcom Direct connectivity services, hardware and the Satcom Direct Private Network. Company representative are available at the show to discuss security issues with business as well as military and commercial aviation users.