Textron Aviation SAF
Textron Aviation acquired its supply of SAF through a couple of spot purchases, according to a company spokesman. (Photo: Textron Aviation)

Textron Aviation Deliveries To Include Tank of Sustainable Av Fuel

Customers taking delivery of new Beechcraft and Cessna turboprops and Citation twinjets can opt to have an initial tank of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), Textron Aviation announced recently. SAF also will be available to customers of its Wichita service center, it added.

“SAF equips air travelers with the ability to lessen the impact of their journeys on our planet, and we are proud to be making this fuel type available as part of our new aircraft delivery experience,” said Textron senior vice president of customer experience Christi Tannahill, who further explained the benefits of SAF reducing CO2 emissions and thus the industry’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. “Offering SAF for customer deliveries demonstrates an important next step in Textron Aviation’s commitment to sustainability.”

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The nearly 15,000 gallons of SAF will result in a net four-metric-ton reduction in CO2 emissions.

Tannahill noted that Textron aircraft using SAF flew to many industry events last year, “and it is something we will seek to do for future events.” The Wichita-based airframer is not disclosing the source of its SAF supply, which according to a spokesman was acquired through a couple of spot purchases but the provider might not be the one that supplies it to Textron in the future.