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Conklin & de Decker

What It Is: This aviation research and consulting firm provides comparative data collection and analysis tools for fixed- and rotor-wing business aircraft. Conklin & de Decker’s flagship Aircraft Cost Evaluator and derivative performance and specification databases are widely respected, as are its fleet-planning, financial, and maintenance-management software. Educational seminars that the company stages nationwide cover critical aviation specialties. 

Do Your Homework Before Flying Privately (We'll Help)

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Do Your Homework Before Flying Privately (We'll Help)

Whether you’re weighing the relative merits of charter, a jet card, a membership program, or a share in a fractionally owned aircraft, we’re here to help.

How It Grew: In the early 1970s, Falcon Jet salesman and former U.S. Air Force pilot Al Conklin met Bill de Decker, a young engineer. They began collaborating on a tool to evaluate the operating costs of the jets Al sold. In 1984, Al and his wife Martha founded Al Conklin & Associates to market the refined version of that analog tool, the Aircraft Cost Evaluator. The tool enabled users to determine and compare, model by model, the costs of owning and flying business aircraft. De Decker joined the company as a partner in 1989. In the following decade, the firm launched new tools and software and expanded into educational seminars. It rebranded as Conklin & de Decker Associates in 1993. Conklin retired in 2004 and passed away in 2006. In 2018, in its first strategic acquisition, maintenance-plan provider JSSI purchased the company.

What It Offers: 

Data products. These include Aircraft Cost Evaluator; Aircraft Performance Comparator, a performance and specification comparison tool; Life Cycle Cost, a budget and financial-analysis tool; MxManager, a maintenance-tracking program; the Aircraft Acquisitions Planning Book; and State Tax Guide.

Educational seminars. Sessions cover aviation tax, finance, and management.

Consulting services. Guidance on acquisition, fleet, regulatory, and tax issues. 

Quote: “[Al Conklin] believed if you do the best job you know how to do and take good care of your customers, the good Lord will take care of the rest.”—Bill de Decker

Recent News: Following its purchase by JSSI, Conklin & de Decker relaunched its platform in October 2018, aiming to “disrupt the aircraft acquisition and management process” through enhanced rapid access to comparative data.


Founded: 1984

HQ: Arlington, Texas

Employees: About 12 core consultants

Chairman: Neil Book