Boarding a business jet
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Do Your Homework Before Flying Privately (We'll Help)

Charter, jet cards, membership clubs, and fractional ownership all have pros and cons that make them better suited for some travelers than others.

Congratulations if you’re shopping for a private-aviation access solution, weighing the relative merits of charter, a jet card, a membership program, or a share in a fractionally owned aircraft. Full ownership aside, you’ve arrived at the apex of the world’s transportation options.

Now it’s time to evaluate access models and service providers. And you should do so carefully, because considerable sums of money, the quality and efficiency of your travel experience, and your safety and security are at stake.

The trend today is toward one-stop shopping: charter companies offer jet cards or equivalent block charter, and even membership programs; membership providers tout ad hoc charter and management services; and fractional-fleet operators, along with partial-ownership programs and their traditional jet cards, now provide corporate supplemental lift and other non-owner access. Which solution or combination of solutions matches your travel needs and budget? Read on for guidance that can help you decide.

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